• Residential

    Our experienced plumbers always stand ready to handle all your residential plumbing needs. Our plumbers are experienced in all plumbing services, to include new build and design, leak detection, drain cleaning and repair, faucet repair or replacement, toilet replacement, water heater replacement (tank or tankless) and repairs, kitchen and bath remodels, copper re-piping, backflow installation and testing/cleaning. We are here to help you!

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  • Commercial

    Need commercial repairs or installs? We are experienced in everything from supply lines (water or gas), drains, all types of water heating apparatus and backflow prevention. We are also specialists in Convenience Store and Car Wash installation and repair, as well. Call us for a quote!

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  • New Construction

    Whether residential or commercial, our team is knowledgeable of all local codes required for new installation. With Oates Plumbing you can count on it being done right the first time!
  • Repair

    Need a repair? Let our professionals take care of all of your repair needs, whether a leaky faucet, a slow running, or stopped up, drain or hot water tank replacement or repair. In the event of an emergency, our staff will help you take the appropriate action to minimize any damage, to your home or business, until we can quickly get there to help. Upon our arrival, we analyze the problem, fix it in a timely manner and at a very reasonable price. If more efficient and a cost savings to you, we repair plumbing fixtures, instead of automatically replacing them. Call us for your next repair!
  • Backflow Installation & Testing

    Backflow means the undesirable reversal of flow of a liquid, gas or solid into the fresh water supply — A backflow preventer keeps this from happening. Many pools, irrigation systems, etc., connected to your water supply, may require the installation and maintaining of a backflow prevention device, by code, to prevent contamination of your fresh water supply. Oates Plumbing is licensed to install, adjust, repair and test such devices. Give us a call!


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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"I had a broken drain leading to the outside of my home. Upon calling them, Oates Plumbing responded immediately and fixed the problem. The bill was reasonable and the service was excellent. I won't hesitate to call them with my next plumbing needs. " Jim C.


Welcome to our website. We hope that most of your questions are answered about our services. Please don't hesitate to contact us for specific questions relating to your needs. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss your repair or project with you.
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Why is Oates Plumbing best for your commercial repairs, or installs?

Because of our experience, we know ways of keeping your business up and running, instead of being down for hours or days. We always do things the least expensive way. We have, time and time again, come up with a way to keep from tearing up asphalt or concrete, and being able to cut your repair expense by using our methods. Want to save some money, and keep your business running? We could save you thousands. Give us a call.

Why should I use Oates Plumbing instead of another plumbing company?

There are many reasons, but, the main reasons are experience and integrity. Whereas most plumbing companies are "replace it" companies, we attempt to do a repair, or install, in the least expensive way. For instance, you have a leaky faucet. Some plumbers may automatically say "You need a new faucet!" and proceed to install a cheap, plastic body, faucet and charge you a premium price for it. Oates Plumbing will repair that faucet, if possible, by replacing the damaged or worn parts, and ensure that you are charged appropriately. This is only one example of how we work to save you money. We value your business and want you as a customer for life.

Are you prepared for a plumbing emergency?

Ensure that all family members, or employees, know how to turn off the water, or gas, supply, in case of a leak. If a sink faucet is the problem, there are usually shut-off valves under the sink. If not, use the master shut-off valve that comes inside the building. If there is not an inside valve, go to the water meter and shut off the water at that point. In the event of remodeling, always ensure that shut-off valves are installed under each sink, if not already there. Gas leaks are basically the same. If no inside valves, shut-off the gas at the gas meter. Always ensure that the proper tools are readily available for such emergency.